Comprehensive legal services

Whether you need to set up your contract with suppliers, represent in a dispute or change a corporate structure, I am always looking for a solution that maximally protects your rights.
CEO contract - bilingual
CZK 7,000 or EUR 270
Regulate the relationship between CEO and the company and avoid future disputes.

Contract with suppliers - bilingual
from CZK 8,000 or EUR 320
Set up clear responsibilities of your suppliers.

Pre-litigation letter - bilingual
from CZK 4,000 or EUR 180
The process leading to the payment of a debt is often successful only after a pre-litigation letter sent by an attorney.

other services
upon agreement
  • contract for work
  • corporate changes
  • debt collection
  • internal guidelines
  • license agreement
  • terms and conditions
  • real estate transaction
  • company formation
  • and more
Contract with clients - bilingual
from CZK 8,000 or EUR 320
Trust with clients is important, just as it is important to have all the written terms to avoid misunderstandings.

NDA - bilingual
CZK 5,000 or EUR 180
Protect your know-how.

Contract on cooperation - bilingual
from CZK 10,000 or EUR 450
In some majors, it is common for people in the company to work on a trade license. However, the fact that they are not employees does not mean that it is not good for both parties to conclude a contract.
Long term cooperation
If you need someone to take care of your legal matters more often.
Write me an e-mail with your enquiry and I will create a tailor-made offer for you.
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