Czech attorney-at-law
Michaela Gargulakova
Efficient and affordable legal services


More than graduated schools might tell you about me the following rules, which I follow in my practice
  • Quality
    I have extensive experience in providing legal services and quality comes first for me. Part of my every working week is dedicated for studying.
  • Easy understanding
    Don't expect Latin phrases from me. I try to explain everything clearly and intelligibly.
  • Personal care
    If I can't catch up, I don't accept more clients. It will never happen to you that someone else handles your case.
  • Quickly and efficiently
    You can expect the outcome in few days.
  • Transparent prices
    Transparency of prices for my services is important for me. My clients know in advance how much and for what are paying.
  • Online
    Most things can be solved online or over the phone. But I am also happy to meet you in person.
  • Whether you are buying, selling, or renting real estate, I understand that this is an important step for you. I will protect your rights as much as possible.
  • Whether you need to set up your contract with suppliers, represent in a dispute or change a corporate structure, I am always looking for a solution that maximally protects your rights.
  • Do you have troubles with your Czech supplier? I am ready to represent you and guide you through debt collection in the Czech Republic.
  • Solving family issues might be mentally demanding itself. Let me help you with the legal side of it. My goal is to protect your´s and your kids´ interests.
  • When defending in criminal proceedings, I emphasize discretion and a human approach to the client.
  • Do you feel that your employer has unjustifiably dismissed you? Have you not been paid? Do you need to consult your rights and obligations under the employment contract? I will take your side in all cases.
How does it work
Contact me
Don't be afraid to tell me in own your words what you need.
Setting a price
I might ask you to send the documents for proper pricing.
For one-time cooperation, I might ask you for payment in advance.
And that´s it
After processing the agreed outcome, you will have the opportunity to ask anything that will not be clear to you.
Contact me
Mgr. Michaela Garguláková, Czech attorney-at-law
ev. č. ČAK 19584, IČO 09930051
Spálená 29, 110 00 Prague 1 - Nové Město
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