General terms and conditions

Who am I?

- Mgr. Bc. Michaela Garguláková, attorney at law, registration No. ČAK 19584, ID No. 09930051, with registered office at Spálená 29, 110 00 Prague 1 - Nové Město

When do these terms and conditions apply?

- These terms and conditions apply to visitors to the website ("website") and my clients when providing legal services. Any agreement between us shall prevail over these Terms and Conditions.


- Legal services can be ordered by email sent to, by telephone at 721 944 004 or in person.

- A contract between us is formed after I confirm your order.


- The cost of legal services is primarily governed by a rate agreed between myself and the client. In the event that a price has not been agreed, the price for the legal services provided is CZK 3,000 excluding VAT. I am entitled to a fee for every 15 minutes of service provided.

- The fee does not include other expenses incurred (in particular court, administrative and other fees, expert reports, costs of translation of documents, travel costs and other costs) which I demonstrably incur in connection with the provision of legal services and which I submit to the client as part of the relevant billing.

- Any prices quoted on the website are indicative only and do not constitute a binding proposal for the conclusion of a contract, as the specific scope of services cannot be known to me in advance.

- The right to a fee will also arise if the final purpose of the legal assistance or service is not achieved and if this is due to causes which I could not have prevented even with the exercise of ordinary care and due performance of contractual obligations. The right to a fee shall also arise if the result does not correspond to the client's general expectations.

- In the event that the legal services include representation of the client in court, arbitration, administrative or other similar proceedings in which the client is awarded compensation for the costs of the proceedings by the competent authority, the fee shall be increased by the compensation awarded and paid by the opposing party for the representation of the party by the lawyer, as determined in accordance with the relevant legislation.

- When travelling to provide legal services, travel time will be charged at 50 % of the agreed hourly rate.

- I reserve the right to request an advance payment for legal services at any time, in which case the requested legal services will be provided only after the advance payment has been paid in full.


- I will issue an invoice at the end of the calendar month or after the legal services have been provided. The invoice is due 14 days from the date of issue.


- Rights arising from the defective performance or any complaints may be asserted by the client at

Final provisions

- The relationship between me and the Client is governed by Czech law. In the event of a dispute, the Czech court of my domicile shall have jurisdiction.

- These Terms and Conditions are effective as of 29 June 2022.

Mgr. Michaela Garguláková, attorney at law

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